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The draft CAIGF agenda will be available shortly.

Here is the list of keynote speakers of the 2nd CAIGF, conducted in 2017.

If you are interested in presenting at the event, please contact the Organizing Committee by email asomiddin[at]

We welcome presentations on challenges, tools, experiences and best practices in the following areas:

Internet Governance in Central Asia in the Context of Digital Transformation

  • Internet regulation practice in the national context
  • Data Industry as the source of new resources for Digital Economy
  • Self-regulation as a compliment to Regulation
  • Cyber-physical systems of the Industry 4.0 (IoT, Clouds, AI, Mobile) to address fundamentally new challenges
  • Coordination of efforts of stakeholders in the process of changes, constantly requiring new ways of thinking, new competences, new rules, new partners and increased readiness for active participation in these changes

Digital Economy Readiness of the Central Asian States

  • Digital Economy Transformation Key Challenges
  • The State Role in building digital economy
  • The Digital CASA role in the region digital transformation
  • The IT Industry Clustering: practice and lessons learned
  • Big Data Analytics
  • National Economy digital transformation

Regulation of legal relations in the new reality

  • Application of the blockchain technology perspectives in the region
  • Internet of Things, Clouds, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Accessibility of digital dividends, dependent from independent regulators of key industries
  • Effectiveness of social media for data industry

Digital Central Asia Cyberspace

  • The role of digital hygiene and social norms for the prevention of online extremism
  • Multistakeholderism as a success factor in countering extremism online
  • National Action Plans for Proactive Use of Internet in Countering Terrorist Threats
  • Approaches for a balanced participation of the governments and civil society to formulate cybersecurity policy priorities
  • Priority directions in building the regulatory framework of the critical infrastructure

Cybersecurity in the digital economy context

  • Cybersecurity and protection of the critical infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity for a person, society and state
  • The relevance of the regional and global cooperation on cybersecurity
  • Legal and Policy frameworks for the protection of critical infrastructure

Coordination of efforts in counteracting extremism online

  • Extremism online – reflection of reality or an objective reality
  • Regional and International technological efforts to Counter Terrorism, Tech Against Terrorism